3 Ridiculous Ring Entrances by Prince Naseem Hamed

by on January 14, 2013 in Videos

3 Ridiculous Ring Entrances by Prince Naseem Hamed

Whether you rated or hated the little scamp, there’s no denying that Prince Naseem was an exceptionally entertaining fighter, and the type of figure British Boxing is unlikely to come across again soon.

One of the most memorable things he used to do for me, besides from his general all round clowning in the ring was his incredible arrogant, and disrespectful ring entrances which enivitably riled up his opponents, often to their detriment. (unless of course you’re Marco Antonio Barrera…)

So Sit back, reminisce and enjoy the douche bag in full swing…

1. Prince Naseem VS Kevin Kelley

2. Prince Naseem Vs Wayne Mccullough – Michael Jackson Thriller for Halloween.

3. Entrance Vs Marco Antonio Barrera

What a joker!

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