10 Recent Contentious Boxing Decisions

by on January 15, 2013 in Articles, Written Content

10 Recent Contentious Boxing Decisions

Being a website that hosts boxing scorecards from official judges, it’s natural that the topic of robberies comes up at somepoint. Originally I was working on an article that focused on robberies, but toned it down to “contentious decisions” as to recognise the subjectivity of fight scoring.

Off the top of my head, here are ten fights that I can think of in recent years that have generated a lot of debate and intrigue around the scoring process. Enjoy…

1. Pacquiao Vs Bradley


2. Pacquio Vs Marquez III


3. Oscar De La Hoya Vs Felix Trinidad


4. Oscar De La Hoya Vs Shane Mosley


5. Amir Khan Lamont Peterson


6. Castillo Mayweather


7. Joe Calzaghe Vs Bernard Hopkins


8. Ricky Hatton Vs LLuis collazo


9. Joel Casamayor v. Jose Armando Santa Cruz


10. Paulie Malignaggi Juan Diaz


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