I can’t really think of any questions right now, but here are some basics…

What is the point of the website?

The website is all about offering fight fans a free online archive of official judge’s  scorecards from the biggest fights in boxing, past and present.

Looks great, but why isn’t X Y Z on there?

We’re a relatively new website with limited manpower, and it can take a while for us to find and collate the scorecards. If you have a scorecard we’re missing, please get in touch!

Do you want content as well, Can I write for you?

The website is still under development right now, but eventually we hope to be in a position to take on writers. Check back soon.

Do you allow guest posting?

See reply to above question, one day. If we do, it the content has to add value to our website, and we will allow spam.

Hopefully that should cover most of it. If there’s anything else, or for any other inquiries please email admin@boxingscorecards.com .

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